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About me

My name is Luciano Nooijen, web, mobile and cloud consultant. Currently, I work as technical lead at Bytecode Digital Agency B.V., an agency I co-founded.


I started programming when I was quite young. In 2009 I created my first website, but from 2014 on I started working as a developer professionally.

I first started my professional career freelancing, under the name of Nooijen Web Solutions. The amount of projects grew rapidly, and soon I had to involve other freelancers to help me out.

After a few years during which business kept growing, Jeroen, a close and supportive friend, and I decided to join forces and found an agency. We started Bytecode Digital Agency, Bytecode for short.


In 2017 I finished VWO, the highest level of Dutch high school. Afterwards, I followed some Computer Science and Engineering courses at Delft University of Science.

During my time as a professional, I have always been very self-tought. While attending University, I felt that I could achieve more learning the way I had always done. I decided to quit University and focus on self-education instead.

Even though I always try to find the most practical solution, I do see the value of knowing the foundations of computer science, which are usually taught at Universities, and not just software engineering. For this reason I also focused a lot on algorithms and algorithm design, cryptography and datastructures.


In 2016 I became Anglia Proficiency certified, graded “Distinction”. This implies that I can speak, read and write on at least C1 level (“effective operational proficiency or advanced”) on the CEFRL scale.


When working on a project, I follow the Bytecode Coding Standards, unless the projects require otherwise.

Working methodology

Relevant work experience

Bytecode Digital Agency / Co-founder, technical lead

May 2018 to -

At Bytecode, my activities are mostly focused on software architecture and working with clients and our business developers to translate concepts into working enterprise applications that will last.

Currently, I am the person responsible for the quality of the code/software we deliver. My focus is to present the best possible solution for our clients, and to avoid creating technical debt. This responsibility also applies to our coding standards, internal software, cyber security and cloud infrastructure.

To read more about Bytecode, you can check bytecode.nl.

Tools used (most frequently used in bold)
  • DevOps: Ansible, Docker, Linux, Terraform, GitLab
  • Backend: Go, NodeJS/Deno, Elixir, Rust, Python
  • Frontend: Typescript, ReactJS (+Redux), React Native
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL

Eneco/Dept (Software engineer, freelance)

May 2019 to December 2019 (expected)

Through Dept/Bytecode I am currently working in a feature team, within the Eneco web-sales department, working on an innovative tool that will play a crucial role in the customer journey once finished.

The technology stack used is mainly based on Typescript/Javascript and ReactJS. Project management is based around the Agile/Scrum philosophy. To ensure quality of the software, unit tests, integration tests and end-to-end tests are written for test-automation, and where possible, development is test-driven.

Stager Software / Front-end/full-stack developer

Januari 2017 to June 2018

During my time at Stager, I worked as a front-end/full-stack developer on the Stager ticketing service. The SCRUM team I was part of operated using 2 week sprints, where I took care of most front-end issues, but I also worked on the Java-backend quite a lot.

I quit working at Stager to focus on Bytecode.

Tools used
  • Javascript: NodeJS, ReactJS, jQuery, Ionic 2 (Angular)
  • Python: Wagtail CMS
  • Databases: MySQL
  • Java: Play! Framework, Hibernate, Groovy
  • Emails: MJML for email templating

Nooijen Web Solutions / Owner, Founder, Full-stack developer

2014 to May 2018

During my time running Nooijen Web Solutions I worked with a team of 4 other freelancers on a variety of projects, ranging from one-page marketing websites to custom web solutions. I worked as the lead-developer for most projects.

Nooijen Web Solutions was discontinued when Bytecode was founded.

Tools used
  • Javascript/Typescript: NodeJS, ReactJS, React Native, Angular 4+,
  • PHP: Laravel, WordPress, OpenCart, Magento 2
  • Databases: MySQL, NoSQL

Chemiewinkel.com / Owner/Founder

July 2014 to December 2018

Out of a passion for chemistry, I started the webshop chemiewinkel.com. This webshop was created using WordPress/WooCommerce. I took care of all aspects of running this webshop, from keeping the webshop up to date, to marketing and from filing tax reports to fulfillment.

Chemiewinkel.com was discontinued to fully focus on Bytecode.

Tools used
  • PHP
  • WordPress + WooCommerce
  • jQuery